Reliable Construction Site Services in Arizona

A Professional Team for Construction Site Cleanup and Support

Construction projects in Arizona require careful planning and attention to detail. Desert Services provides the construction site services you need to keep your project clean, safe, and compliant with state regulations. We are the team you can trust for dust control services, site sweeping, and many other necessary support tasks.

The Right Construction Services Will Streamline Your Project

Project delays often come from minor oversights in the planning process. However, if you don’t handle the details like portajons, trash removal, and dust control, it can add time and expense to your bottom line. Desert Services has made a successful career out of sweating the small stuff. Our team can handle a wide range of construction site services to keep your project running smoothly.

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Providing the Site Services You Need

Our comprehensive services will help you maintain an efficient construction site that stays in compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Some of our offerings include:

Street Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeper

Airport Runway Sweeper

Portajon Services

Temporary Fencing

Dust Control Services

Roll-Off Container Services

Water Mover Services

Stormwater Pollution Management

Construction Site Cleanup

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A Reputation for Solving Problems

For more than 20 years, Desert Services has helped construction companies keep their sites running without a hitch. The team can quickly ascertain the needs of a work site and provide services to meet them. When you work with Desert Services, you are choosing an experienced partner who wants the best for your operation.

Construction Site Services for a Productive Worksite

If you are operating a construction site in Arizona, you don’t have to handle everything yourself. Let the experts at Desert Services take care of the support services so that you can focus on finishing your project. Contact us today to learn about how we can help.

Questions About Construction Site Services?

Our wide range of site support services can help projects of any size. Whether you need temporary water infrastructure, regular lot cleaning, or final site cleanup services, we can help. Below you will find common questions clients ask when considering our team.

A well-functioning worksite requires several services that most people don’t realize. Reducing dust, cleaning debris, and fencing off work areas are all ways that minimize delays and promote safety.

Construction projects can leave heavy metals and other pollutants that are swept away by heavy rains. A stormwater pollution management plan helps minimize the impact of construction projects.

Our street-sweeping trucks have many applications including parking lots, airport runways, and city streets.

Our fees depend on the types of services you need. Let us know more about your project. We will let you know how our team can help and how much it will cost.

Construction projects always produce trash. We can provide roll-off container services to collect construction waste and haul it away.

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