Arizona Stormwater Pollution Prevention Services

Implement a Stormwater Management Plan at Your Site

When heavy rains fall on your construction site, the dry Arizona ground can’t absorb the water quickly. The resulting stormwater runoff may carry construction dust and other impurities to local water sources. Desert Services can help you implement mandatory stormwater pollution prevention measures at your project.

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Stormwater Management Protects the Environment

Desert Services has worked with public and private sector clients to prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). Our designers collaborate with you to address stormwater issues during both the construction and operations phases of the project. We have considerable experience evaluating and implementing Low Impact Development (LID) measures and stormwater best management practices. In fact, our team has developed and implemented several innovative stormwater solutions in accordance with stringent NPDES permit requirements. We have collaborated with Federal, State, Municipal, County, and City stormwater management organizations.

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Desert Services and Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Desert Services takes a comprehensive approach to stormwater management. From the SWPPP for your construction site to implementation, we will guide you through the process.

Stormwater Plan Design

If you have a construction site that is over an acre, it must have a SWPPP plan per ADEQ and the EPA. We will develop and design a plan that will enable you to stay in compliance, utilizing the most up-to-date and cost-effective best management practices (BMP).

SWPPP Narrative Manuals

We provide complete SWPPP Narratives that encompass the 2012 EPA templates and the 2013 general construction permit as required by federal and state agencies. We will clearly spell out the details of your plan to meet agency standards.

Installation and Maintenance

Desert Services has a very well-trained Stormwater management team that will manage your installation professionally and according to the ADEQ, AZDOT, and MCFCD agencies. Our goal is to keep your project in regulatory compliance.

Retail SWPPP Supplies

We offer an extensive range of materials for sale to install yourself. If you need it, we have it in our offerings. Check our our retail site and place your orders directly or give us a call. We will even deliver.

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Helping You Stay on Task

For over 20 years, Desert Services has helped construction companies focus on their primary tasks while we handle the extra details. From stormwater management to temporary fencing, we provide the support services you need to thrive. You can depend on experienced, knowledgeable professionals who will carry out best practices at your site.

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Managing Your Construction Site SWPPP

When stormwater management must be part of your project planning, Desert Services can make it easy. We have the planning experience and practical tools to implement the ideal plan for your site. Contact us today to learn more about our SWPPP services.

Questions About Stormwater Pollution Prevention?

A stormwater pollution prevention plan is mandated at many Arizona construction sites. If you aren’t sure how to move forward, check out the following answers to common SWPPP questions.

Stormwater pollution prevention planning is a structured approach to managing and mitigating stormwater runoff to prevent the pollution of nearby water bodies. This includes assessing potential pollution sources, implementing control measures, and ensuring compliance with all regulations.

Effective stormwater management is crucial for construction sites to prevent erosion, sedimentation, and the transport of pollutants to surrounding water bodies. It also helps construction sites comply with environmental regulations, avoid fines, and minimize environmental impact.

The equipment utilized can range from sediment barriers, silt fences, and sediment basins to specialized stormwater filtration systems, all aimed at controlling runoff and preventing sediment and pollutants from entering nearby water bodies.

A SWPPP typically includes a site description, identification of potential pollution sources, descriptions of control measures, procedures for inspection, maintenance, and emergency response, and proof of compliance with local and federal regulations.

Non-compliance with stormwater regulations can result in hefty fines, project delays, and even potential legal action. It can also harm your company’s reputation within the community and industry.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

While we are experts at stormwater management, our dedicated team can do much more for your construction team. We provide wide-ranging services to keep your project moving in the right direction.

Construction Site Cleaning

A clean construction site reflects professionalism and ensures safety. The Desert Services team promptly removes dirt and debris, preparing your site for subsequent construction phases.

Water Supply Solutions

Desert Services provides a consistent water supply with equipment like water towers, hose ramps, and water tanks. These tools help you avoid any inconvenient project disruptions due to water supply issues.

Temporary Fencing

Securing your worksite with temporary fencing controls access and ensures security. Desert Services offers tailored fencing solutions to meet your project’s unique needs, minimizing liability issues and unauthorized access.

Street Sweeping Services

Clean roadways, runways, and parking lots are achievable with our modern fleet of street-sweeping trucks. Our expert service maintains safer community spaces and upholds your project’s reputation for cleanliness and safety.

Parking Lot Cleaning

A clean parking lot enhances your facility’s image and deters pests. Our advanced sweeping and high-pressure washing equipment at Desert Services eradicates dirt, debris, and grime.

Dust Control

Combat construction site dust effectively with our fleet of water-spraying trucks. This service significantly improves visibility, prolongs equipment life, and cultivates a healthier, safer, and more productive working environment.

Portable Restroom Rentals

The availability of clean and accessible restroom facilities is non-negotiable. Our portable restrooms are a sanitary and convenient solution, designed to meet the health and comfort needs of your team.

Roll-Off Container Services

Effective waste disposal is merely a call away with our roll-off container rentals. Trust Desert Services to manage your waste disposal needs, keeping your site clean and maintaining your project’s momentum.