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A Street Sweeper Business Arizona Can Rely On

Debris and dirt can build up quickly near a construction site. Without regular cleaning, you may end up with tripping hazards, equipment damage, and environmental concerns. Street sweeping services from Desert Services will quickly remove these substances and keep the area clean and safe. Our fleet of street sweepers is ready to get to work at your Arizona project site.

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A Dirty Worksite Can Be a Dangerous Worksite

Clean roadways are not just beneficial for the aesthetic appeal of a community, but also for safety and environmental reasons. Accumulated debris on streets can lead to traffic hazards, clog stormwater drains leading to flooding, and negatively impact local ecosystems. A well-maintained road demonstrates a commitment to safety and cleanliness. Partnering with Desert Services ensures these standards are upheld. With our fleet of multiple street sweepers and a promise of swift service, we are dedicated to keeping Arizona’s roads clean, safe, and functioning at their best.

Meeting Your Street Sweeping Needs

We have built our business with a focus on equipment redundancy, meaning we have an entire fleet of street sweepers to meet your needs. While construction sites are our main market, our vehicles can help with many situations.

Road Sweeping

Road Sweeping

Local roads often need fast attention after a severe weather event. Our trucks can help clear debris in your area.

Runway Sweeping

Runway Sweeping

Keeping runways free from dirt and safe for aircraft is a critical concern. We can accomplish this task quickly.

Lot Sweeping

Lot Sweeping

A clean parking lot provides a strong first impression for clients or guests. Our street sweepers will make it sparkle.

Special Event Sweeping

Special Event Sweeping

Parties, festivals, and other events generate lots of debris. Our team of sweepers can get your area back to normal.
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Keeping Arizona Clean for Two Decades

Desert Services began as a construction site support service but has grown into much more in the last twenty years. We have built up a reputation for helping people solve logistical problems and removing friction points from their worksites. You can rely on us for prompt service and attention to detail.

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Street Sweeping Services When and Where You Need Them

It doesn’t long for dust, dirt, and debris to build up in the dry Arizona climate. Our street sweeping equipment will keep your area clean and functional. No matter the need, our team has the equipment and experience to get the job done. Contact us today.

Questions About Street Sweeping Services?

You probably don’t think much about street sweepers until you see a mess on the road. Below are some common questions about street sweepers and our professional services.

Street sweeping plays a crucial role in maintaining not only the aesthetic appeal of our streets but also in ensuring safety and promoting a healthy environment. By removing debris, litter, and pollutants, street sweeping prevents potential traffic hazards and protects our waterways from contamination.

The frequency of street sweeping varies based on factors like the volume of traffic, seasonal changes, and local conditions. Construction sites may need more frequent cleaning due to the amount of debris they produce. Reach out to us for a customized recommendation.

Our advanced street sweepers can efficiently remove a range of debris, from dry vegetation and trash to sediment and larger waste, ensuring a thorough cleaning of the roadway.

Absolutely. Thanks to our multiple street sweepers, we have the capacity to handle large-scale projects efficiently, ensuring timely and consistent results.

You can easily contact us through our website or give us a call. Our team will guide you through the scheduling process based on your requirements.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

When it comes to construction projects, Desert Services is with you at every step. Our hallmark lies in our unwavering professionalism, innovative problem-solving, and unparalleled customer service.

Construction Site Cleaning

A clean construction site is vital for safety, efficiency, and overall project success. Our team specializes in clearing out construction debris, ensuring your site remains safe and ready for the next phase.

Stormwater Management

Navigating the requirements of Arizona’s stormwater pollution management can be challenging. Desert Services, is equipped to devise and implement the best strategy, ensuring consistent compliance.

Water Supply Solutions

Water supply challenges in our scorching environment can be daunting. From specialized hose ramps to efficient water towers, we’ve got solutions for uninterrupted water access for your workforce.

Lot Cleaning

A clean parking lot can make all the difference in a visitor’s initial encounter. Leveraging advanced sweeping equipment combined with high-pressure washing, we ensure your lots gleam with cleanliness.

Temporary Fencing

Effective fencing is pivotal to the safety and security of construction areas. Count on Desert Services for the placement and removal of robust temporary fencing solutions, providing clear boundaries for your project.

Dust Control

The persistent dust issue in Arizona can pose both health and operational challenges. Armed with a fleet of water trucks, we’re poised to mitigate dust, promoting a healthier, safer, and more efficient worksite.

Portable Toilet Rental

Be it bustling events or active construction sites, easy-to-access restrooms are a must-have. Our team is dedicated to supplying and maintaining the ideal facilities, ensuring uninterrupted site operations.

Roll-Off Container Services

Construction and renovations invariably lead to waste. Our versatile roll-off containers are built for efficient waste storage. Desert Services will promptly manage the disposal once they are at capacity.