Arizona Construction Water Supply Solutions

Maintaining Consistent Water Access for Construction Sites

An ample water supply is essential for a well-functioning construction project. Water is necessary for several construction processes as well as supporting hygiene and health for workers. Maintaining an adequate supply can be a challenge in the arid Arizona climate, but Desert Services has the construction water supply solutions you need. We will keep water flowing at your site.

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Don’t Run out of Water in the Arizona Sun

In the demanding conditions of Arizona, an inadequate water supply on construction sites can pose serious health risks to workers and significantly hinder project progress. Desert Services steps in to combat these challenges by providing robust water supply solutions. From hose ramps to temporary water towers, we ensure steady and reliable water access to support your workforce effectively. Our proactive approach to planning and implementing water infrastructure guarantees that your project runs smoothly without any water-related disruptions.

Professional Water Moving and Storage Supplies

Handling the water needs of a construction site involves ample storage and water-moving tools. Desert Services has the supplies you need to maintain this precious resource.

Water Hoses

Our hoses can be used to transfer water for concrete mixing and other applications.

Hose Ramps

These devices prevent tripping hazards and hose leaks due to foot and vehicular traffic.

Water Meters

If you are tapping into an existing water main, we can install meters for a proper connection.

Elevated Water Towers

The force of gravity increases the pressure of water held in an elevated container.

Storage Containers

We can supply units for general water storage and designated units for potable water.

Distribution Valves

Our water distribution valves will optimize water control at your construction site.

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Supporting Productive Construction Sites for Two Decades

Over twenty years ago, we discovered our niche as a site support company. Since then, we have helped many construction teams maintain the productivity and safety of their projects. When you work with the Desert Services team, you will find a problem-solving partner who is dedicated and professional.

Keep the Water Running at Your Project Site

Whether it’s water storage containers or backflow devices, Desert Services has the water supply equipment you need to keep things running. Our team will help you plan, implement, and maintain a sufficient supply of clean, fresh water. Contact us today to learn more.

Questions About Construction Water Supply Services?

The water supply for your construction project is an essential support for your team. Below you will find several common questions related to the construction water supply solutions we employ.

A reliable water supply is crucial for various construction activities, including concrete curing, soil compaction, and dust control. It also ensures the availability of drinking water and sanitation facilities for workers.

Common solutions include temporary water towers, hose ramps, water trucks, and on-site water storage tanks, all tailored to meet the unique needs of each construction site.

Desert Services employs a combination of temporary water infrastructure like hose ramps and water towers, alongside scheduled water deliveries, to maintain an uninterrupted water supply throughout the construction period.

Yes, Desert Services is equipped to handle water supply needs in remote or arid locations. Their experience in Arizona’s challenging climate prepares them to tackle water supply issues in similar conditions.

Yes, Desert Services can scale its water supply solutions to accommodate the needs of large-scale construction projects, ensuring a reliable water supply regardless of the project size.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

Desert Services can do much more than provide a consistent water supply. We provide a full range of helpful construction support services.

Construction Site Cleaning

Maintain a professional image, heightened safety, and minimized delays with a clean site. Our team promptly clears away dirt and debris, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Stormwater Management

Efficiently handle stormwater pollution with our comprehensive plans and gear, ensuring your large-scale projects stay environmentally compliant and productive.

Temporary Fencing

Secure your work site with our temporary fencing solutions. With Desert Services, you can trust in a robust fencing setup that caters to your project’s unique needs.

Street Sweeping

Deploy our fleet of modern street-sweeping trucks to maintain clean roadways, runways, and parking lots. Engage this service to keep your local roads safe and clean.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Preserve an inviting parking lot that not only enhances your facility’s image but also deters pests. Our advanced sweeping and washing gear removes dirt, debris, and stubborn grime.

Dust Control

Mitigate construction site dust and dirt with our water-spraying trucks, improving visibility, extending equipment lifespan, and fostering a healthier, safer work atmosphere.

Portable Restroom Rentals

Ensure the availability of restroom facilities on your busy site with our portable restroom rentals. Offering a convenient and sanitary solution, we prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of your team.

Roll-Off Container Services

Streamline waste disposal with a quick call for our roll-off container rentals. Offered in a variety of sizes, these containers aid in maintaining a tidy site and promoting safety.