Comprehensive Construction Support Services

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Explore top-tier construction support services with Desert Services. From dust control to stormwater management, we deliver excellent solutions tailored to your project’s needs. We have over two decades of experience in assisting construction sites toward successful project completion.

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Our Services

Desert Services brings a reputation for excellence to every project. Our hard work will minimize site delays and maximize productivity.

Construction Site Cleanup

Desert Services provides full-spectrum solutions for your construction site cleaning needs. With a fleet of sweeping trucks and roll-off containers, we can remove the dirt, debris, and rubbish generated by construction projects of all sizes, increasing safety and productivity at your work area.

Stormwater Management

Construction sites in Arizona that cover more than an acre require a stormwater pollution prevention plan. Desert Services can help you carry out every aspect of this task from planning to implementation. We also sell SWPPP supplies to construction companies that prefer to create in-house plans.

Water Supply Solutions

Construction sites need a reliable water supply to improve health and safety and conduct several construction processes. Our team can deliver and install essential water supply solutions like water meters, backflow devices, water towers, hoses, water ramps for sidewalks or roads, and distribution valves.

Street Sweeping

Our construction broom sweepers and vacuum sweepers will remove dirt and debris from construction sites, roadways, runways, parking lots, and other locations. The experienced drivers on our team know the most effective techniques for safely and efficiently creating clean spaces.

Lot Cleaning

A dirty parking lot is an eyesore and safety issue. Additionally, food waste can attract rodents and other pests. Our lot cleaning services use a combination of sweeping equipment and high-pressure washers to remove debris, dirt, and grime, leaving you with a lot you can be proud of.

Dust Control

Construction dust slows your progress and can damage equipment. Our control services include water truck route services, onsite management, soil stabilization, water truck rentals, and water buffalo rentals. By maintaining a dust-free worksite, we make it easier to move your project forward.

Portable Toilet Rental

Portable bathroom facilities are essential at construction sites, sporting events, and other large gatherings. Desert Services can provide both standard and handicapped-accessible units. We will bring them to your location, ensure they are fully stocked, keep them well-serviced, and handle their removal.

Roll-Off Container Services

Don’t let garbage become a problem at your construction site. We can provide roll-off containers in several sizes: 10Yrd, 15Yrd, 20Yrd, 30Yrd and 40Yrd. Our trucks will bring the empty receptacles to your site and haul them away for safe disposal after you have filled them with trash.

Temporary Fencing

A temporary fencing solution from Desert Services will enhance the safety and security of your construction site by creating clear boundaries. We provide standard 6ft fencing with a barbed wire option. To provide stability, we can mount your fence on stands or pound it directly into the ground. 

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Top-Tier Construction Support Services

The minor details of running a construction site can distract from your primary focus. Let us handle your support needs so your crew can tackle the job ahead. Desert Services helps construction sites stay on time, on budget, and on task. Contact us to learn more.