Temporary Fencing for Arizona Construction Sites

Site Fencing Services for Safety and Security

People don’t always realize when they have walked too close to a construction zone, risking their safety. Construction fence provides a clear barrier to prevent unauthorized personnel and remind workers to take safety precautions. Desert Services can provide the temporary fencing you need to mark clear boundaries.

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Unclear Boundaries Are a Liability Issue

Unsecured sites create the conditions for accidents and unauthorized activities. From the risk of falling into excavations, being struck by moving construction equipment, to the danger posed by loose electrical cables and other tripping hazards, the potential for serious injury is significant. Moreover, construction materials and equipment are at a higher risk of theft or vandalism when a site is left unsecured. Desert Services provides robust temporary fencing solutions, effectively enclosing the area and deterring unauthorized access. Our fencing services act as a proactive measure to reduce these risks.

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Additional Uses for Construction Fencing

The construction industry is our primary market. However, there are several uses for temporary fences that could benefit other clients.

Event Crowd Control

Our fencing solutions can be used to manage crowds and direct foot traffic during events such as concerts, fairs, and sports events.

Temporary Animal Enclosures

Portable fencing can be utilized to create enclosures for animals during outdoor events or in farms for rotational grazing.

Outdoor Retail Spaces

During outdoor sales or seasonal markets, temporary fencing can be used to delineate retail spaces and secure merchandise.

Material Storage

These fences can enclose areas for storing materials and tools for various projects, protecting them from theft.

Traffic Control

Well-placed fencing can redirect vehicle and pedestrian traffic away from certain areas, particularly during road construction projects.

Natural Hazards

Temporary fences are a safety measure for marking hazards such as sinkholes and falling rock areas.

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Two Decades of Reliable Site Services

During our twenty-year journey, we have expanded our range of construction site services to provide better value to our clients. Our team now offers helpful resources like temporary fences. No matter the job, you can always expect good value, quality, and professionalism from Desert Services.

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Promote Safety and Security at Your Site

A temporary construction fence makes the extent of your project clear to people passing by. A firm boundary prevents theft, increases safety, and decreases interruptions. If your project could benefit from temporary fencing, contact us today.

Questions About Temporary Fencing?

Although it may seem like a minor detail, temp fencing at your construction site can save you from serious liability issues. Look below for the answers to some common questions about construction fencing rental.

Temporary fencing helps to secure your site, control access, protect valuable assets, and ensure the safety of workers and the public.

Our temporary fencing can be installed on a variety of surfaces including dirt, grass, asphalt, and concrete.

Our team can help evaluate your site and recommend the appropriate amount of fencing required to meet your needs and ensure security.

Our temporary fencing solutions are secured using sturdy bases, coupled with additional supports like sandbags or stakes to ensure stability and security.

You can request a quote for temporary fencing services by contacting us through our website or by calling our office. We are always ready to assist with your inquiries.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

Temporary fence rental is just one way we can benefit your construction site. Our team provides a wide range of supportive services to Arizona projects.

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