Empowering Your Construction Sites

Efficient, Reliable, and Customized Site Services

Master the mechanics of construction with Desert Services. Offering everything from dust control and water truck rentals to street sweeping and temporary fencing, we are committed to providing effective site services that drive project success. Tap into the power of our expert solutions and turn your construction sites into beacons of efficiency and productivity.

Dust Control Services​

We offer Water Truck Route Services, Onsite Management, Soil Stabilization Products, and rentals for Water Trucks and Water Buffalos, designed to effectively control dust on your construction sites.

Street Sweeping Services

Harness our Construction Broom and Vacuum Sweepers, available in all sizes for any scale of work. We offer construction management and scheduled maintenance to ensure your site stays clean and efficient.

Roll Off Container Services

We cater to all your needs with a wide array of Roll Off Containers, ranging from 10Yrd to 40Yrd sizes. Our specialization ensures optimal solutions for your waste management requirements.

Porta-Jon Services

Our Porta-Jon Services include Standard and Handicap units suitable for both construction sites and special events. We also offer complete Construction Trailer Hookup and Service for your convenience.

Temporary Fence Services

We provide 6′ Standard Temporary Fencing with the option of Barb Wire, suitable for different site needs. Choose between pounded installations or stand-alone units for added flexibility.

Water Mover

We supply and certify a variety of water management equipment, including Water Meters, Back-flow Devices, Water Towers, Hoses, and Water Ramps for sidewalks or roads. We also provide Distribution Valves for optimized water control on your site.

Stormwater Management

We provide certified Water Meters, Back-flow Devices, Water Towers, Hoses, as well as Water Ramps for sidewalks or roads. Our range of Distribution Valves ensures efficient stormwater management for your site.